Saturday, April 23, 2011


Just one picture because posts without are so boring.

 I'm happy to say that my day of sewing on Friday and a little bit today was very successful.

I managed to:

  1. Cut out 2 I-Spy quilts (one of which is sold already).
  2. Make 45 dog bandannas
  3. Cut out another 30-ish dog bandannas
  4. Machine embroider 20 burp clothes 
  5. Machine embroider 2 bibs.
  6. Embroidered 2 purchased blankets with some cool sayings
  7. Embroidered 1 purchased baby blanket with a big duckie to match the duckies on the blanket

My sub-division has a once a year garage sale and ours is on May 19-21st.  I decided to use this opportunity to have a craft sale and try to get ride of some of the things I've made that are taking up space in the girl cave.

Have a wonderful Easter.


I have to share this, pictures and all.

I sit at soccer practice every Wednesday evening hand sewing binding on a quilt. Each week I've been able to take a different quilt with me. The mom's are in awe, which is a great stroke to the ego. I don't tell them that the quilts have been done for a while and I'm just trying to finish them up. Anyhow...

Two weeks ago one of the mom's asked me I could fix Baa-Baa. I'm game, but not really sure what a Baa-Baa is. The next week she introduced me to Baa-Baa, which had to be gently removed from her son's hands.  Her son wanted Baa-Baa fixed, but wasn't really thrilled with the idea that it would have to go home with me.  He asked me if I could work on Baa-Baa right there or if I could bring my sewing machine to the game.  The final request, can you just come to my house tonight?  He told me he really wasn't OK with me taking Baa-Baa to my house.    I gently took Baa-Baa and the while time was thinking how am I going to fix that poor loved blanket.  It is so thread bare that it's not funny.

I got busy right away since I knew that Baa-Baa had to be back in that little boys hands the next time I saw him (that gave me Wednesday night to Saturday morning).  I patched the BIG holes and trimmed up the sides so they weren't so ragged.  I managed to get blue binding on the sides, but there were places I didn't have much to sew too.

When Baa-Baa was returned to that cute little boy, the smile couldn't have been any bigger.  It's not perfect, but Baa-Baa will hang around in his arms a little bit longer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday

Will be a good Friday.  I didn't realize I got the day off work.  What a nice surprise to find out it's a 4 day weekend.  I'm going to do nothing but sew, sew, sew tomorrow.  The child has school, the dog is going to the doggy parlor and the husband graciously agreed to head into the office.

Maybe in my fit of sewing I can come up with some good post pictures for you.

Have a great day...tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Well, I didn't get as many responses as I thought I should for a random giveaway.   As such, everyone that commented is a winner.

Laurie and Susan, if you could email me your addresses, I will mail you some Easter spirit.  You might want to change your profiles so you aren't "No-Reply" commenters.

Caitlin, I will catch up with you at guild on Thursday.  You are going aren't you?

Barb, Lisa and Michele, I will put envelopes in the mail tomorrow, so be on the look out.

Happy Easter (a little early).

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time for a Giveaway

I've been busy making Easter towels. Because of that, I think it's time for a little Easter giveaway. Leave me a comment and a winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday (4/12).

Easter Towels

It was 91 degrees this afternoon. I think that we might have skipped Spring this year.