Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today we did a bit of community service at work. Our outing was to the Thrift Store associated with City Union Mission. The task was to sort through boxes, in the warehouse, of items donated and put them into boxes based on categories, such as glassware, household decorations, CDs/DVDs/VHS, small appliances, etc.

I don't normally hit the thrift stores, but after today I think I will be spending a little more time perusing the isles. After sorting and stashing, I spent a whopping $10 on the following items:

Tupperware - deviled egg container, cake container, veggie container and just a plain container

Other goodies included a Longaberger basket, buttons, marbles, 2 dog treats and another big basket.

On the folding and organizing front, I'm making progress. I was attempting the cardboard method of control, but my pieces are just too large. Some of the fabric I have is in 5 - 7 yard pieces, which is just too big to wrap. I'm hoping to be done with this little project by the weekend. I did run to Walmart and get an under the bed box. I think I'm going to put the zillion fat quaters I have in there by color.

And a shot of the folding table (in it's messy state). My little helper had to jump into the photo.

Have a great night!!


Marilyn said...

I think we should always place a cute child in front of our fabric piles to distract everyone from seeing the mess! Then, we will never have to clean it up =)

Jacquie said...

it's looking fantastic!!! i can't drive by a thrift store...went yesterday and embarrassed myself again...when they see me coming they take out those GIANT bags.