Sunday, July 27, 2008


I bought a layer cake of Maypole fabric and cut it up so that I had 4 packs of 5 inch squares. I knew I wanted to do something with 1/2 square triangles. So far these are 3 of my ideas and I'm very undecided.

The first attempt was randomly putting squares on the wall, no arrangement of colors except for the red paths.

Second attempt was putting the squares on the wall, but arranging them by color going outward. I don't have near enough blocks sewn, so I will have to do more to get a full top.

I really want to make a quilt with pinwheels, so I thought I would try a few. I don't know that I'm sold them them with this fabric combination. Might be a little much with the red fabric.

I think I'm going to put another layout on the wall with the red paths going at a diagonal angle. Can't describe it very well.

Something else I must share. pictures. We took Grace to our favorite photographer for her 4 year pictures. Normally we do them right around January when it's her birthday, but this year waited because we had just had family pictures done in October. Well Brandi does a little tease now and posts some pictures on her blog before we go for the "official viewing". I'm in so much trouble. My child looks like she's about 7, not 4. The boots crack me up since Grace insisted she was going to wear them, even though she knew Miss Brandi would make her take them off. The pictures of Grace in the dress are wonderful. Grace figured out that the skirt was full enough and she could twirl. She ended up twirling so much after we got home that she had to run to the bathroom and hug the toilet. When I asked what was going on she said she thought she was going to puke. I suggested she might not want to twirl so much then, but I got the "dumbest" mom look. Oh well, so much for 42 years of living.

Have a great day!


jovaliquilts said...

I have always loved that layout with half-square triangles -- I made one in purples and mauves. I think your second layout, with thought as to secondary color placement, is really lovely.

Jacquie said...

i agree...i love the second pretty.

Laurie said...

love them all! hst's are so versatile!