Sunday, August 3, 2008


I promised I would show pictures of the progress that I made organizing my cabinet and shelf. I'm pleased that I challenged myself to get it done.


Cabinet after folding and sorting (all novelty fabric):

Under the bed box full of nicely folded and sorted fat quarters:

And the shelf with all of the color, non-novelty fabric sorted and folded nicely by color:

These are the 3 boxes that remain. The pieces are less than a 1/2 yard, so I'm going to attempt to use the comic book board method that Carla mentioned on her blog to manage these. I don't know when I will get to this mess.

I'm taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off of work this week. I'm going to sew for the first 2 days and then hit the zoo on Friday. Hopefully the heat will be GONE by then. I'm going to attempt to finish several tops that are either just cut out or partially put together on Wednesday and Thursday. My own little Quiltathon.

Have a great day.


Laurie said...

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! Wanna do mine? ;o)

marilyn said...

Wow, looks so great, and there is that cute little girl again! She makes it look even better =) I'm surprised you didn't pull a bunch of fabrics for another quilt in the process of organizing and get totally distracted. That's what always happens to me!

Jacquie said...

you did it! doesn't it feel great. i'm bowled over by how much fabric you have...dang!

amandajean said...

great job! doesn't it feel good to get that accomplished?

Jane's Blog said...

Hi, I just found your blog and love it, well because first it is pink, my favorite color, second you have a ton of fabric, as do I and third your little ones picture is wonderful and fourth my oldest daughters name is Becky! I would like to invite you to join my web-ring Quilters and Fabric Lovers Powered By Ringsurf. You can view my site and blog from ringsurf. If you would like to join email me and I will send you the HTML for the graphic. Again, love your blog and fabric stash. Have a super day, Jane

KateKwiltz said...

Very impressive! And a great stash!

Anonymous said...

Your stash is so pretty now that you can see it! You linked to mine a couple of weeks ago (I just spotted it today), and I have to tell you, it's a terrible mess now. Oh, most of it is still on the shelf, but everything that I've purchased in the year since then is piled on the floor. I think I'm going to have to take a page from your book and clean it up.