Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ahh-ha Moment

I had an AHH-HA moment last night. In an effort to figure out what to work on next, I pulled out all the projects that I have listed on my Finn's Challenge list. Two of the projects really jumped out at me because they are SOOOO old. (2000 & 2001 - can you believe they both have lived in a shoe box for 6 and 7 years. SCARY)

Twisted Ribbon - I pulled out all the fabric out of the first box along with the pattern and started to read. Triangles, triangles and more triangles. I think it said I would have 300 1/2 square triangles 2" finished by the time I was ready to start making the blocks. AHH-HA - I'm triangle challenged, so that's why I've been putting that project off. I think another reason for the brush off has been that I couldn't seem to figure out how I came up with the fabric I did and then how I was supposed to cut it into all those little pieces. Since nothing had been cut and started for this project, I ever so gently put all the fabric on the shelf with my other fabric and the pattern back in the pattern box. I will add another project in this one's place.

Snowman Jacket - This was a late add to my list. Again, took all the stuff out of the box and looked at the pieces. AHH-HA, applique. I don't applique. I even tried to do machine applique and it looks PITIFUL. I'm my own worst critic, but really it's not pretty. For this project, I'm not giving up. I'm going to step back and revise the applique piece. My idea is to find some sort of panel or strip and use that in place of the applique snowmen. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I shouldn't have any problems finding snowmen or snowflakes. This project will stay on the list and will still be on the bottom.

Lady Liberty Goes to Hawaii (New York Beauty) - This was a class that I started in 2001. My AHH-HA moment for this is the fabric. I had someone else help me pick fabric. Truthfully, that someone picked all the fabric and I was happy to take it to the cash register and pay for it. The only input I added was the focus fabric. I realized that isn't the best way to start a project. Since I love paper piecing and love New York Beauty quilts, I'm going to work on this project next. It might take me until December 31st to get it done, but I will sew on. Note to self - take a more active role in the fabric selections when signing up for a class.

So here is my revised challenge list:
  1. Horse Quilt - completely finished and ready for Christmas
  2. Lone Star - finish the top and then figure out what to do with it
  3. New York Beauty - finish the top
  4. Star Block of Month - finish the quilt top
  5. Twisted Ribbon Quilt - start and finish the top (Not even going to start this project)
  6. Christmas Star - finish the top (completed 9/13/2008)
  7. Funky Purse - finish the crazy thing so I can use it.
  8. Snowman Jacket - completely finished and ready to wear.
  9. Patriotic small quilt – Shop hop buy from 1999
Last night I did get to sew a little. I put the Disappearing 9 patch together. Since I'm so incredibly unorganized I can't find the fabric for the borders. There will be some more searching tonight.

Thank you for letting me share my AHH-HA moment. Back to sewing.


Rhondee said...

It is always good to reorganize, regroup, choose something different, and cross off things done. Way to go Becky!

cindyquiltsOR said...

HI! My first visit to your blog... Finn sent me.

Oh ... I really understand what you mean about pulling stuff out, looking and just reshelving it!

Keep up the nice work!