Monday, September 1, 2008

Challenge List

I did a little bit of inventory this weekend to see what I can finish as part of Finn's Challenge.

Here goes:

  1. Horse Quilt - completely finished and ready for Christmas
  2. Lone Star - finish the top and then figure out what to do with it
  3. New York Beauty - finish the top
  4. Star Block of Month - finish the quilt top
  5. Ribbon Quilt - start and finish the top
  6. Christmas Star - finish the top
  7. Funky Purse - finish the crazy thing so I can use it.
  8. Snowman Jacket - completely finished and ready to wear.

***Edit**** Adding #8 so that I will have a new fun jacket to wear this winter. It will force me to work on machine applique, which I avoid like the plague for some reason.

As I've mentioned before, I have quite a tops that are already finished that need to be quilt. I'm going to unofficially say that I'm going to get at least 10 of them quilted.

Pretty lofty goals, but I think I should be able to accomplish the top 7. Any thing else that I might get done will be wonderful.

Have a great week.

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