Tuesday, October 14, 2008


All I can say is OH WOW. I think that's all I did say. I'm sure my poor friend Christine was thinking if I hear her say that ONE MORE TIME....

After hitting Fons & Porter, we made a trip down to the Ben Franklin store. I LOVE Ben Franklin. Their flat fold tables were AMAZING. I managed to do the most damage there. $3.99/yard. How can you pass that up? Well, obviously I can't. The Ben Franklin's in Kansas City went out of business and I'm still very sad. I guess I will just have to save to make a road trip back up to Winterset.

The show was awesome. We bought the multi-day pass since we didn't make into Des Moines until 3:30 on Friday. We managed to do the big room that had all the quilts from Iowa. By then we were exhausted and ready to head out.

We finished the show and shopping on Saturday after a good nights sleep.

I can't even begin to show pictures, so here is the link of the 160+ pictures I took. The colors were amazing. The stitching was amazing. The whole show was AMAZING. The vendor mall was amazing. It was fun to be able to play on the quilting machines. I really think I'm ready to upgrade my machine. I'm glad I went.

Click HERE and enjoy.

I hope to get to the "cave" sometime this week. Have a great week!


jacquie said...

i'm off to enjoy your photos! thanks.

Rachel said...

I think there's a Ben Franklin's in Manhattan. I too loved the show. My sister had a quilt hanging. I was very proud of her.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures. Wish I could have been there in person.

Rose Marie said...

Thanks for sharing .... great eye candy!