Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love looking at all the blogs with people's cats sitting so nicely on their sewing tables in baskets. Or peacefully curled up and snoozing the day away. So I must ask why I have the most psychotic cat under the sun? Did his mom drop in on his head? Carry him too tightly by the neck as a small kitten? I have to figure it out.

I know you are looking at the picture thinking Oh he's so cute, he can't be psychotic.

This morning, while getting ready for work, I had to spend extra time trying to keep the crazy cat out of the Christmas tree. First was the drinking of the water, which is meant to keep the tree alive. I felt like I was living a "Christmas Vacation" moment. After I got him out of the water, then I had to fight to keep him from taking the ornaments from the bottom of the tree. I swear it looks like we have a very small child in the house because the ornaments just keep going higher and higher up the tree.

When I sew, psycho kitty thinks its very fun to get up on the table next to me and either eat the thread on the sewing machine as the spool spins. Pulling the pins off the magnetic pin holder is another favorite. The worst part is he takes the pins and then jumps off the table and runs away. Do you know how bad you want to scream when you step on the pin that he dropped? GRRRR.
Thankfully psycho kitty has now found more fun in harassing my husband when he's downstairs riding his bike on the bike trainer. The cat tries to run between his feet as he's peddling. Or the tail flips close enough to get caught in the chain as it's going around.
Sad part, psycho kitty is on kitty Prozac and that doesn't seem to be helping either. Everyone always says how cute he is. My response, which is bad, You want him? I'd be happy to let you take him home. Bad I know, but there are days I would happily pack him up and share the wealth.

Again I have to ask, what is wrong with this cat????


~Michelle~ said...

With the exception of the eating thread part, and trying to run thru the hubby's legs on his trainer (only because my hubby has no room for a trainer)....this sounds exactly like both of my cats (neither of which is on kitty prozac). Oh, and we don't have a real tree, but I have no doubt that if we did, at least one of them (#2) would drink the water (#2 also likes alcohol of all varietites - he tries to stick his head in the mug every time hubby has a beer). #1 had the audacity to try to sit on my fabric by my machine right as I'm sitting there sewing the other night - but I set him straight...so he's probably laying on the fabric when we're not home. #1 also runs by the front door and randomly attacks the peep hole - 15+ pounds of fur flying 5 feet straight up is really comical. You just have to view it as built-in entertainment! :)

Kim said...

Have you thought about what your kitty might be trying to tell you, if only you spoke his language? He wants his own quilt! Yep, my Kitty lays on his own soft Minkee quilt more now than getting into my stuff. Give him a piece of your stash- quick!

Rich said...

Well obviously he needs a kitty friend to keep him company!! :-D

I have three lovely cats that I will box up and over-night to you. One of them is sure to become best of friends with psycho-kitty - simply box up and return the other two.


Julie said...

Ummmm, I hate to tell you this, but from my cat owning experience, you psycho kitty is completely normal.