Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank You Blogland

Above is my inspiration for tonight. I thought that I could do it on a quilt I'm working on for a girl at work. Knowing that I couldn't do it exactly, I gave myself permission to be me and make up my own variation.

My variation of the same flower. I didn't get a picture of the leaves but I'm even impressed with those.

So to all the Bloggers in Blogland of whom I peruse, thank you for giving me the courage and the understanding that I can be me and that not everything has to match exactly or be perfect. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It's very freeing to know that I can do something and it looks nice even though it's not exact.

And last but not least, the new little helper that's come to our house. Thankfully I never tell anyone that I'm pet free. Thus it's easier to explain the hair. Buddy likes the quilt.

Thank you! and have a great night. I'm off to bath one small child who will turn 5 next week. 5, yikes, that number doesn't seem possible.

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Rich said...

Five already? Yeesh!

jacquie said...

that is a great feeling! buddy looks so fluffy!

Laurie said...

great job becky...interpreting things yourself is a good thing! it looks wonderful!!!

Berte said...

Becky, the uniqueness of quilting is what I love the most. According to the Amish, they typically put in one obvious "flaw" because they say that only God can make something perfect. To me, a quilt is boring that doesn't show our labor of imperfections. Your work is beautiful.
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