Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Hate

I always vowed not be like my parents. That's a vow we all take at some point. Well today I feel like I'm being my Dad. My dad is not hip on technology. He tries, but it's far more frustrating for him than he thinks it should be. I sometimes wonder if that's why I have this love hate relationship with technology. For a while I did great and picked up on things rather quickly. Seems like lately it takes me a bit to grasp onto things. I eventually get it, but sometimes it's slow and painful.

So for me, getting my Etsy shop set up was slow and sort of painful, while not anything that was going to send me over the edge. Understanding Paypal has been a challenge for me. I don't know why but it just has. I'm starting to figure it out though.

Facebook is another thing that I've been slow to figure out. I'm still working on it, but since I don't visit it often, I'm starting to think it's going to take me forever to figure it all out. I do know that I can find out about 25 year high school reunions via Facebook. :-) (let the exercising begin)

OK, so the reason for my title. Online banking. LOVE it. It's the greatest thing next to sliced bread for me. I picked that up and have adapted quite nicely, well until today. I went online this morning to make sure my paycheck hit my account. Low and behold, someone had a wing ding of a time taking money out of my account via Paypal. I know that it will all get worked out between Paypal and the Bank. The sad thing is I'm out the money until everyone is in agreement that I don't have the said items I didn't purchase.

The moral to my little story, don't connect your checking account to Paypal. At least I'm finding it's not a good thing for ME. Or if you do use a checking account, make sure that's all you use it for - Internet shopping. My opinion of connecting Paypal to a credit card has definitely changed. The credit card isn't quite as painful when it gets hit by the Happy Irresponsible Shopper (not me) who wants stuff but someone else to pay for it.

Oh well. We all have to learn these little life lessons, right? I'm not going to let this dampen my day. It's supposed to be 71 today. 71 wonderfully awesome degrees. I'm going out at lunch, just to get out and enjoy the weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too.

I've started a new quilting project. I hope to show some pictures of it tonight or tomorrow.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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Sharon said...

Really like your blog! Just wondering if you have the $5.00 Paypal security key? I have one and I've never had my account used by anyone but me! You should get one if you are going to use Paypal for sure!