Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tula Pink

Tuesday night was guild night. Our guest speaker was Tula Pink. What an awesome meeting it was. It was fun to hear her talk about her designs, previous career and how Moda does things. I always feel so jazzed to sew when I get done with guild.

Below is Jenny (aka Tula Pink) talking.

New quilt featuring Neptune line of fabric.

Jenny again - explaining something.

Very Very cool quilt. She whipped it up using rejects she received from the mill. Whipped it up - yeah made me want to whip her. Ok, not really. I wish I could have stuff like that just come flowing out of my head. Instead I have things like snot - Ok, I digress.

Grace went to guild with me Tuesday night. Dad wasn't feeling well, so I thought I would be nice and remove the small child from the house. Grace has her own camera and made sure to pack it before leaving the house. In her purse were some cool rocks that she got. A picture session ....

Jenny passed around "headers" so we could see a whole line of fabric at once. Grace thought they were VERY COOL. I heard lots of "mom I like that", "mom you need to buy that." Great - she won't be going to college because we are going to spend all of it on fabric. I guess there could be worse things to spend the important money on.

Last but not least - Buddy. Grace took this picture of him. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Looks like he's smiling. He probably just got done chasing Sissy (the fat cat that's thinning down) around.

Have a great night!!!

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~Michelle~ said...

Ooh lucky you!! Tula Pink is hands-down my favorite designer...though Anna Maria Horner is a very close second... :)