Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whatcha' Been Up To?


I think I might have mentioned that I've been busy, but not a lot to show. Well finally I have some shows.

Over the weekend, I made bags and bags and more bags. I also made some patches and sewed them to cloth diapers to make burp clothes. In a mode of modesty - they looked GREAT!

Below is a stacked coin top that's finished. I used a pack of charm squares to make it. I think I might have to make another one and use something not so, well, RED! I'm hoping to get this puppy on the frame and quilted over the weekend.

Embroidery, Embroidery, Embroidery - My intent is to make an Itsy Bitsy Spider quilt and matching fabric book. The blocks were fun to do on the big machine. I can't even imagine doing it on the old machine.

And Easter towels. I made the Valentine's towels which turned into a bigger hit than I had planned. Below are 3 of the many designs I used to do the Easter versions.

Tonight I took Grace swimming. The heat in the pool area was almost unbearable. I'm off to bed.

Have a great week!

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