Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dinner with Friends

I mentioned before a friend of mine that was diagnosed with cancer recently. She is in the center of the picture in blue. Well last night a group of us got together at my house for dinner. It was GREAT.
We are missing one person because she had to leave before the picture was taken. As you can tell, we made the guys sit in the corner and not be a part of our way cool picture.

My husband was such a trooper cooking chicken for us on the grill. Everyone brought a side dish. I think if anyone left hungry is no ones fault but their own. Between the food and the wine, I think we were all stuffed to the gills.

The friend with the cancer is now undergoing radiation treatments on her back and soon her brain. She is doing chemo as well, so I'm sure the hair will be missing in our next photo.

There were lots of hugs and happy tears. It's amazing to me that we all come from different places (literally), are different ages and really different backgrounds, but how we all fit together. Some very outspoken, some rather soft spoken. All very supportive, loving and caring. I know I don't tell them enough, but I LOVE all my girlfriends more than they know.

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