Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Do you ever feel like you are just set in your ways? I heard that a lot as a kid because my parents were much older than all of my friend's parents. When ever I would ask why my parents did something the way they did, they would respond with "we are just set in our ways". Well I'm starting to think that mentality (craziness) has rubbed off on me.

Jump ahead to yesterday and my trip to the grocery store.  
I love Speed Stick Unscented deodorant.  I have used it since I was in college (ummm, some 20 years ago now) and haven't switched.  Like the label says, it's unscented.  I HATE the smell of womens deodorant.  I might say unscented, but it's not.  I can still smell that faint scent of flowers or powder.  Speed Stick is in with the men's deodorants.  I have looked and looked and look and can never seem to find my favorite stuff when shopping at the big name retails stores.  So I'm at the grocery store yesterday and WA-LA I hit the mother lode.  I bought 6 containers.  That should keep me smelling nice through at least December.  When I got home and my honey was helping put the groceries away, he subtly asks why I bought so much "pit juice".   I explained that I like that brand and I have problems finding it so I felt like I needed to pick up several so that I wasn't always on the search.  He just rolled his eyes and laughed.  Okay, so it is kind of crazy that I spent well over $20 on deodorant. 

So I guess I'm set in my ways too.  Can't wait to pass on that craziness to the next generation. 

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Anonymous said...

I do that with Arm & Hammer's unscented. It too is hard to find.