Saturday, November 6, 2010

This and That

Wow, I seemed to have lost track of time.

I've been busy with embroidery things lately.  Backpacks, sports jackets and photographer bags were the top of the list.
Karate Team Jacket with Name
Names embroidered on the top of the front pocket
My office is going to have a craft show next Friday and I decided that I wanted to participate, so I've been trying to make things to sell.

My neighbor is the social chairman for our homeowners association and has been politely hounding me to get involved in a vendor fair that is being held before the meeting.  I didn't want to participate but then go to thinking what a great way to get my name out to my neighbors and let them know what I do.  Thankfully I won't be selling things, but I really need to get busy and make a couple flyers explaining what exactly I'm about.

I did get a quilt quilted for Miss Caitlin last weekend.  Didn't take long and I think turned out very cute.
Quilted with Daisy Swirl
Then there was Halloween in the midst of all my chaos.  Husband's birthday is that day so we made him a cake.  Grace did all of the decorating.
I think he might have been a little afraid to eat the cake because there wasn't any sugar left in the halloween shaker when Grace got done.

Well I'm off to the girl cave to finish up a few embroidery loose ends.  Have a great day!

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