Sunday, May 1, 2011

What is Art?

Yesterday I went with a friend and his little girl to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. The museum opened a whole new building, so my friend thought it would be fun to go and check it out. We both figured we would try to get the girls some culture.  Very daunting task given their ages.

Roxie Paine is the featured artist at the museum.  Roxie created a machine that extrudes melted plastic and to create art blobs.  I'm sure the man would have a stroke if he knew I was calling his stuff blobs.  That's what they start as they.

The machine reminded me of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Extruding plastic


This finished blob looks like a face to me. Come on, stare at it for a while, you'll see it too.  I came home and told my husband I wanted it.  He asked how much.  It's art so probably way more than I could ever afford.

This is a tree in the outdoor sculpture area.  Unfortunately the girls had to strike some crazy look for every picture I took.  Oh well that's what you get at 6 & 7 I guess.  Anyhow the tree is way cool.  Wonder what it does in a lightening storm?

So my title is somewhat rhetorical.  I think these things are art, but I know there are people out that there that done.  Because they evoke emotions, to me they are art.  Just like quilts, to me there are some that art and some that are just quilts.

Off to the Lawrence quilt show today.  Should be fun.

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Caitlin said...

I'm not sure I see art in extruded plastic, but I wasn't at the exhibit with you :) Looking forward to the Lawrence show today!