Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is it Monday Yet????

What a weekend! We went to Omaha for the weekend to visit the grandparents/great grandparents. On our journey up I-29 in Iowa we got hit by a horrible rain storm. It became slow going.

Little did we know what had just blown through Omaha and Council Bluff. Grandpa called us at 5:30 to say they had just lost their electricity. Grandpa is on oxygen for COPD, so he was trying to get situated and get his unit plugged into the apartment generator. When we pulled into town it looked like someone had run around with a chainsaw making a mess of all the trees.

On top of all that excitement, Grace started SCREAMING in the backseat that her ear hurt. The screaming then turned continued sobbing. Grace and I made a trip to Urgent Care to find out how bad the ear infection really was. Bad enough that she is on antibiotics and ear drops. UGH! I swear it's always something. Getting to the urgent care was exciting since I'm not real familiar with Omaha. We were diverted through a couple parking lots because of all the electrical lines that came down.

Grandma and Grandpa were without electricity for 23 hours. It came back on at 4:30 on Saturday. There were people without electricity still when we left town this afternoon.

No trips to the quilt shops in Omaha. I figured I spent enough at the Urgent care, that I didn't need to buying fabric on top of that. Oh well, save my pennies for the next visit and then hit the stores then.

On a funny note, my bags are topic for one of Brandi's posts. After I get done typing this, I'm heading to the cave to start sewing the next batch for her. Oh if only I didn't have to work and could do fun sewing all the time.

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Jacquie said...

Oh my, what a trip. Sorry to hear about Grace's ear infection. No fun! Glad everyone was ok!