Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Charm Square Quilt

I was going through some old emails this morning and found the note my "bestest" friend sent me. I made a quilt for her last year and she took pictures holding the quilt since I forgot to. I have known Mem since 6th grade (1977) when I moved from Ohio to Illinois. We didn't really like each other at first meeting, but have grown to be best friends. Mem lives in a houseful of guys, so I thought she needed something "girly" to offset the testosterone. :-)

The quilt is made from charm squares and is my own made up pattern. I wanted something simple that I could put together quickly. Little did I know, this would take me close to forever to finish.

Onto the quilt that I was picking at. I removed all the stitches last night. Makes me cringe to see all of the beautiful thread I wasted. Live and learn - learn to check tension early in the game. So I'm hoping to get some quilting time in tonight and a couple more rows of my pantograph stitched out. Who knows there might even be a show for tomorrow.

Have a great day!


Jacquie said...

How pretty and how nice of her to send the picture. You really are the queen of charm squares. I can never think of what to do with them.

Laurie said...

what a pretty quilt and a gift from the heart! every female needs one of those! sorry about your reverse sewing...that stinks!