Monday, July 14, 2008

Picking & Grinning

So maybe I'm not grinning as much as I should be! I keep asking When will I learn???? Last night I decided that I would put another quilt on the frame and get it going. Great idea in theory. I should have saved the stitching for today instead of starting it last night. I'm cruising along, thinking the top looks BEAUTIFUL. Boy, do I really need to remember to look at the back of the quilt. Eyelashes and Train tracks, EVERYWHERE. UGH. I got up this morning and started "unsewing". The good thing, my stitching is becoming more more consistent. The bad thing, consistency means the stitches are a bit smaller than they used to be.

Live and learn!

Happy Monday!


Helen Conway said...

Oh I sympthise - that is soooo annoying! I have taught myself that however much I want to finish something or use up the whole evening the moment I start to make a mistake from fatigue I stop. Otherwise more follow. (Lots more in my case!)

Donna said...

I hate when that happens. Hopefully it will not take you too long to pull out the stitches. Keep grinning!

Anonymous said...

Becky...been there and done that!! least you are 'picking and grinning'! I'm usually 'picking and yelling!!' :)