Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Night at the Fair

Grace and I went to the Johnson County Fair in Gardner Kansas on Tuesday night. It's not all that far from our house and the weather wasn't horribly hot so I thought it might be a fun outing.

Of course we had to stop and look at the quilts. The way the quilts are displayed is very sad. There isn't enough room in the building, so they are all folded and hung over a frame. It's next to impossible to see who got ribbons and which was reserve or grand champion. Oh well, quilt show, none the less.

Grace can never get enough of the Merry Go Round. I got to ride with her for free. Going around in circles makes me extremely nauseous. I did everything to focus on her and not look around. Sad, very sad.
Speaking of rides, Grace rode the dragon roller coaster by herself. BOOO HOOO my baby is growing up. I asked if I could ride with her or if she wanted me to ride. I got the independent look and a "NO mom, I'm going to do it myself." It was pretty funny to watch and listen to her go around and that jerky thing. Every time her cart went by I could hear her screaming as loud as she could.

In between rides and checking out the rabbits and chickens, we sat for the dog agility competition. I've never seen one LIVE, so it was pretty interesting. My counterpart, who wants a dog so bad she could spit, kept announcing that when she got HER dog, she would be entering the competition. The one question that kept coming up was "Mom, why are those kids yelling at their dogs? It's not nice to yell at them." Oh brother.
My parting shot for the evening was the Ferris wheel. I did my best to try and convince Grace to ride with me. She wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well.

Thanks for letting me share our fair experience. Have a great day!

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Zegi said...

Looks like you had fun! And even sad quilts folded on racks are better than none at all. But I agree, that's definitely not the best way to display them.