Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stimulus Package

I hope this isn't too good to be true or that I'm too low on the scheduling list.

I was directed to this link in my reading this morning. Joanne over at Splitting Stitches has come up with her own stimuls package. She's offering very reduced prices for quilting. Even though I have a machine and quilt my own quilts, I definitely lack all the time I need to get everything done. Count me in.

Seriously go check it out. :-) (Then tell her I sent you).


Kim said...

Buyer Beware!
she has only done 2 quilts
After all your hard work do you really want it to be used for practice?

KCQuilter said...

Hi, Becky, thanks for the link to the 1/2 price quilter. I could sure use that! But it looked like her list was filling up fast :(. Maybe next time....