Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before Quilting

I thought I would show you what I used to do before becoming obsessed with quilting. I used to cross stitch. The more complicated and the smaller the better. I completely forgot that I did this picture for my sister. She had it hanging on the entryway wall. Very cool to walk in and be reminded of handwork that I used to enjoy. I'm not really sure why I don't do it anymore. I do know the eyes have grown a bit worse and it's harder to see the smaller count fabric, which is what I LOVED to work on.

Anyhow, just thought I would share. Maybe I will have to do that more often.


Anonymous said...

Becky, isn't that needlepoint, not cross stitch? I mean, you did it, you can call it anything you want, lol.

Chris said...

Beautiful crossstitch. I'm like you, I seem to have dropped this love of cross stitch for quilting the past several years. I still have a ton of pattern books, I think I might just have to dig them out and do a piece. I can understand why your previous reader thought this was needlepoint. When it's this tiny, it's hard to actually see the cross stitch. I love the tinier stitches, too. It almost looks like a painting.

Becky said...

Nope it really is cross stitch. The mountains are only 1/2 stitches, meaning you don't make the full X or cross. That's what give those mountains a lighter shade. I think it was on 14 or 16 count cloth, so it's not real small compared to my favorite 22 or 24 count.

carlam said...

I made this same one for my mom. She hangs it in her 'southwest' guest room. I'm so honored!