Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grace's Take on the Quilt Festival

I said yesterday that I would share Grace's view of the show based on her pictures. When we were walking through the vendor area, I noticed that pretty much all she saw was butts. Lots and lot of butts. Guess I thought my side kick was a bit taller than she really is. At a staggering 43" you are still at butt level.

Grace's Quilt show pictures

Ikea was was a lot of fun on Saturday. Grace wanted the camera so I handed it over so she could start snapping. My child is definitely not afraid of color. It was fun to look at the pictures to see what she was really looking at. I love the last picture of the Zebra. She kept asking me what the picture was and I would say a Zebra and she would argue that it wasn't. I guess we really do all view things differently.

Grace's view at Ikea

The last picture I want to share is the one she took of me and my best friend of high school. Do you still stay in touch with friends from high school? I think that Mary Ellen is the only person that really "gets" me. She was there during those "weird years." Mary Ellen is still convinced that my dad doesn't speak and my step mom wasn't always the nicest person. She was there for me during college when I couldn't seem to figure out what the world was trying to teach me. She (along with my husband) helped me figure out that all guys aren't out to make you miserable and that there is a good one here and there. I'm so glad that I have a friend like Mary Ellen. I wish we lived a lot closer. I know though that I can always pick up the phone and call.

From Grace's Fun Pictures

Grace is in the Bunny Ear phase. She would NOT take our picture unless we did bunny ears on each other. I'm doing it to Mary Ellen, but you just can't see my fingers because of the angle Grace is taking the picture from.

Thanks for letting me share today! Have a great rest of the week! Hopefully I will have some quilty content of my own to share later in the week.

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