Monday, April 27, 2009

Springhill Sewing Group

Last Thursday night was the Springhill sewing group get together. Show and tell is always the best part.

Pat machine quilts and did this quilt for a customer. It was absolutely beautiful.

Simba is Pam's dog. Grace loves him because he doesn't have any teeth. That's the reason for the crazy tongue. Simba is a rescue dog.
Roxie did beautiful embroidered blocks. Everyone had to get a good close up look. The deliah (large purple flower) quilt was purchased off eBay for $35. That is so CRAZY. Pam has found quite a few tops or 1/2 finished quilts on eBay.
This is the Olathe Quilt Guild Opportunity quilt for 2009.
Very cool 9-patch quilt. The blocks came from a church sewing group. The winner for the month took home all of the 9 patch blocks and then could set as she liked.

Have a great day!

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