Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation Winding Down

I can't believe it's Friday. We head back to KC on Sunday morning.

Yesterday we took in the Shed Aquarium. It was so much fun. Grace loves all the animals, so it was fun to see her run from tank to tank and then yell MOM COME LOOK AT THIS. We got to see penguins, beluga whales, snakes, frogs, tons and tons of very cool fish. Grace makes sure to tell everyone about the fish that had a VERY LARGE eye. I think the highlight of the trip was the gift shop at the end. I admit, the child is over indulged. She got flippers that make her look like a mermaid. Very fun.

Today we are off to visit with some friends, stop at A Touch of Amish Quilt shop, and then a class reunion party tonight. Tomorrow is the "official" reunion. My best friend has decided she absolutely will NOT attend. I guess I'm going stag. I'm sad she won't go, but I understand. Hounding her only makes it worse. It's OK though, it will limit my time, so maybe we can get started home earlier than we would otherwise.

Have a great weekend. Stay cool! I will post some quilt pictures when I get home on Sunday.

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jacquie said...

you've had quite a trip! i didn't realize you were in ohio too. i bet the show was great.