Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still Have a Crush....

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After all these years, I still have my silly crush on Donny Osmond. It was awesome to see him win Dancing with the Stars. My friends at work laugh at me because I have Donny on my iPod. Come on now, doesn't everyone have Donny on their iPod?????

Grace watched DWTS with me last night and announced at the end of the show - Mom, he has a really cute face. YIKES, she's 5 and isn't supposed to notice cute boys. I had to share with her that I was convinced I was going to marry Donny when I was younger. I had a Donny doll, the Donny coloring books, the purple socks, etc. Grace's response: Mom, I'm glad you picked Dad.

Me too Grace, me too!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Vesuviusmama said...

My crush was Michael J. Fox. Maybe because he's so little and I'm not quite 5'0" myself. Wasn't Donny's sister on DWTS at one point, too? I see her in magazine ads all the time. Is she really a quilter?