Monday, November 23, 2009


I really haven't lost it with that title. Well maybe I have, who knows. Anyhow, I've been pondering tattoos lately. I think it's because my dentist, also a friend, has been tattooed. He's the last person I would expect to get the whole arm kind of tattoo. My friend has one on her back, and well, I made a few comments about it due to it's location.

My husband has a tattoo, I guess it would be two. When he decided to get it he said it really had to be something that spoke about him. It couldn't be just anything. He put considerable thought into it and drew his own design, with help of some fabric I had. Because my husband likes HOT food, he had an habanero pepper put on his leg.
So on the other side of his leg he has the chemical symbol for capsaicin, the stuff that makes peppers hot. The nice tattoo artist informed my husband that he knew why chiles were so hot. It's because there's so many f***ing H's in the chemical symbol. There really are a lot of H's (which stands for HOT, HOT, HOT).
If I were to tattoo my body, I think I would have to use my husband's logic. My tattoo would have to say something about me. Given the love of quilting that seems to have taken over my life, that's the only thing I kept going back to.

So there is Karen's tattoo, which is very cool, but I think only she could pull it off.

There is the temporary tattoo from Block Party Studios, but again, I don't think it's quite me.

In my quest for more ideas, I started surfing and ended up finding some tattoos out on Flickr. OMG, those people are serious. I have to say that I'm still searching for that perfect tattoo. Even if I find it or create it, I will most definitely have to be three sheets to the wind to get it put on my body.

Check out some of the art on Flickr.


Jenny, aka Tula Pink, is sporting a new tattoo. Her's screams this is ME!.

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Vesuviusmama said...

I've wanted a tattoo for years. At first, I wanted something with a motorcycle because I rode for 10 years before I had kids. Then, I figured I should wait until after kids, especially since I was considering getting it just above my hip bone, and didn't want something getting all stretched out of shape. ("Hey, is that a tattoo of a stretch Harley? I've never seen one like that before. Cool, dude!") I still have a motorcycle license, but when kid #2 came along, I decided I'd have to retire the bike until they were older. Now, I'm a quilter. And I started karate. What would really define me? For the rest of my life, too! I'm not in a rush - my mom got a tattoo when she was 50, I have time. If you pick something, be sure to let us know.