Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Accountability Report - Jan 27th

Wow, where does time go? I can't believe the week is 1/2 over. YIKES.

Onto my report. This week was good, although not as productive as I would have liked.
  1. I found the missing projects that I misplaced in my organizing frenzy. They are now sitting next to the sewing machine and will be worked on next week.
  2. I donated the sheep baby quilt project to the guild to use for Project Linus. At least I know it will be put to a good use. Lesson learned - draw a picture so it's not a guess as to what I was thinking at the time I started cutting.
  3. I found an extra project while trying to organize some fabric on my shelf. It's a lone star that I started 5 years ago. I belonged to KQO (Kansas Quilters Organization) and took a class from Jan Krentz after her Lone Star book came out. I didn't finish the project because I was freaked out by the fact that Jan wanted us to "block" the pieces before putting the entire thing together. Block? Do people really block? I get the concept for knitting or crochet, but quilting? Very very tedious. Well, since I've decided it's OK to not always follow all of the quilting rules put out in front of me, I will use some other instructions that I found on Lone Stars. They don't call for blocking. Wonder what I did with the rest of the fabric?
  4. 15 minutes a day of sewing is working for me. Although I wish for more some days. I really think it's helping me get some things done.
  5. Extras this week, bags for Brandi. Fired up the embroidery machine and put logos on 5 bags.
  6. I worked on my Pickety Sticks top (Tula Pink Spiked Punch pattern). It's not going together as fast as I would like, but it also seems that I get a bit distracted. The top 12 rows are completely sewn together. The rest are either sewn as a single row or just positioned on the wall. I'm really hoping to put a dent in it this weekend.
All in all, not a bad Accountability week.

Last night was guild. It was so much fun to go. The speaker talked about borders and letting the quilt talk to you. Not all quilts need borders. Great ideas.

Saturday was the first meeting of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. Wow. Fun Fun Fun. I was very excited to see how many people turned out. Very young group and very excited people. The room had a completely different energy which was GREAT. I'm really hoping to gain some spontaneity from these ladies. I don't have to have a pattern for everything. It's OK to wing it.


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oldbatt said...

It sounds like you are getting a lot done! I was in a guild once and it was not fun so I am jealous when I read your guild comments. Some day I will find a fun guild or maybe I will start one - who knows. Lisa