Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Part 2 - So Much More

I must be exceptionally challenged period.  I don't know if Blogger has changed because I changed my template, but I can't get pictures loaded to save my life.  Here is Part 2 of my picture loaded post.

Quilting - Betty (my new fun quilter) and I have been bonding. I managed to get 3 tops quilted over the weekend. Before you think I'm awesome, they were small and I wasn't very intricate with my quilting. I learned something with each quilt.

First - Bears. My love of cheater cloth continues. I'm going to donate this to Project Linus. The lesson I learned is that I love my ruler and I love my stitch regulator. I really can do straight lines and hold a ruler and sew all at the same time. It is possible and it really is enjoyable.
Second - Cats.  This little quilt was stippled.  What I learned about Betty is that stippling with the stitch regulator on isn't the easiest thing for me.  I heard lots of beeping to tell me that I had long stitches.  For me, and Betty, it's much easier to stipple with out the regulator on.
Third - Pinwheels.  For this one, I used a panto on the back of the machine.  I learned some things about Betty and my piecing.  Betty really doesn't like big seams to go over.  The thread breaks and then I have to quit and rethread... a lot.  As for me, I need to do a better job with my seams in terms of pressing.  On something that has a lot of seams, I really should be pressing them open.  All I can say is, if you a a machine quilter and I took my quilts to you, I'm sorry.  Lesson learned.
I had blocks left over that I pieced the wrong direction, so I used them on the back.
Of course the quilt inspector had to check it all out while I was taking pictures.
I have some more pictures to show, but I can't get them loaded, so maybe later today there will be a part 3.

Have a great day!

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