Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yeah for me, two more finishes. After looking in the closest that I have all of my finished quilt tops in, I realized, I have some serious quilting to get done. My hope is to get 2 tops a month quilted. Pretty lofty goal, which is doable in the winter, not so much for the summer months. Maybe I can get ahead while it's cold. Anyhow...

I finished the Lil Twister baby quilt for my friend. I'm going to get it in the mail today so that it can be enjoyed by a little one.
Twister Baby
The fabric for the back is probably more Easter-ish, but it was fun to use. I'm game to get some of the yardage pieces out of the stash.
Twister Baby Quilt Back

I don't even know when I finished this top. It's been quite awhile. I started quilting it and didn't like the pattern I picked so I picked and picked and picked. Finally, it's done.
Black and Blue
Closer look
Black and Blue

Grace insists that I learn to knit. I've tried and it's not something that comes easy for me. So on Friday in an effort to get away from my desk, I ran to the store that I have a love/hate relationship with coupons in hand. I bought a variety pack of the plastic looms. My first attempt at knitting - a hat.
First Hat
Behind me is my absolute favorite baby picture of Grace (now 7).  She is in my husband's arms.  Brandi does such AWESOME work.


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jovaliquilts said...

Spectacular photo on the wall!
And congrats on all you're accomplishing. :)