Friday, November 30, 2007

"Be Ambitious"

I received my new copy of American Patchwork & Quilting in the mail yesterday. Finally got a chance to sit down and look at tonight. Low and behold, right there on page 1 is a list titled "Be Ambitious" that caught my eye. Looking at some of the items listed got me thinking that I really need to get a grip on all the projects I have started (and not finished) and really get some things completed in 2008.
  1. Make a quilt for charity - What a great idea. Why not share things that make me happy.
  2. Diminish your stash - Hmmmm, that might be a true challenge.
  3. Learn something new - Great challenge to get me out of the boxes that I'm stuck in.
  4. Perfect your 1/4" seam - I can try, but my philosophy is so long as I'm consistent....
  5. Catalog your quilts
  6. Join a quilt guild - For me, this means that I really need to make an effort to meet with the stitch group once a month - No more excuses.
  7. Upgrade your sewing machine - That will not happen for a LONG LONG time.
  8. Visit a quilt show - Okay, twist my arm.
  9. Replace old tools
  10. Go to a Quilt Retreat - For me even a personal quilting retreat in the basement for a weekend would be good.
  11. Gather inspiration everywhere
  12. Make more quilts
I love that list!!! Inspiration for 2008. I believe I will make a list of all my UFOs and attempt to finish them before starting new things.

Leap Into Blogging

Today I'm taking the leap into blogland. I have been reading numerous blogs relating to quilting and have become very inspired. I'm also on a quest to use the stash of fabric that I have worked so hard to collect. My hope is that if I write about my projects and show pictures, maybe I will be more inclined to finish things.