Thursday, December 20, 2012

I haven't gotten much quilting done lately but I have been busy.


 This is a twister top I made. I'm going to call it Freshman 101 since it's all junk food. Also pizza is the staple of any freshman's life.

KState Sweatshirt
This is a sweatshirt for my daughter's favorite teacher. She's a Kansas State University Graduate. The embroidery pattern is from Katelyn's Kreative Stitches.

Urban Threads Horse
Sweatshirt made for my daughter for Christmas.  She asked Santa for a horse.  I had to tell her that I already wrote to Santa telling him no more LIVE animals for Christmas.  She's not grasping the concept of college or horse - one or the other.  I guess I wouldn't at 9 either.  My guess is I'd pick the horse as well.

I have been busy with other embroidered clothes and pillowcases.  I'm hoping that over my Christmas break, I can get busy sewing on some quilt tops.

Take Care!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Problem? Possibly....

I know I can't be the only quilter that does this.  I found the most awesome fabric today and I couldn't help myself.  Yes...I bought everything on the bolt (7 5/8 yards).  No...I have no earthly idea what I'm going to do with it.  Ok, I do have some ideas but nothing I'm willing to share just yet.  I just knew that it had to go home with me though.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Thought Tuesday

How many Christmas trees do you put up?  Just one?  More than one? 

This year when we put our tree up, I thought that I probably needed to go through the ornaments after the holidays and purge.  Mind you I used my out loud voice when thinking that thought.  My very astute almost 9 year old announced that we just needed to buy another tree.  That would give the old ornaments that stay in the box a home for Christmas and and there wouldn't be any sorting needed.  Hmmmm  I really hope she got her smarts from me, because that was genius (why didn't I think of it).

I guess I know what I will buying in the after Christmas holiday sales.

Have a great day. (12 days until Christmas in case you are counting)