Monday, March 24, 2014

Ice Dyeing

This weekend I decided to try some ice dyeing.  My daughter had a friend over so I thought that might be a fun project for 2 10 year olds.  I got some white pillowcases at my local Wal-Mart and we went to town.

Ice Dyeing
We did 4 containers, but I only got 2 in the picture.

I washed the pillowcases and asked the girls if they wanted their names embroidered.  The answer was yes.  The look is similar if not the same as parfait snow dyeing.  Definitely think we will try it again with smaller cubes of ice.  Maybe I can hit up the ice machine at work on a Friday night before I leave.  I might even try to sweet talk someone that works at Sonic to see if I can get some of their ice.   I call it "turd ice" because the cubes are really small.  Not crushed, but small.  I think the dye might spread better.  Also a warmer day would probably be better.
Ice Dyed Pillowcase

The colors appear very dark, but they weren't. Kaylin used Bubble Gum and Raspberry to dye her pillowcase. I really wish the colors showed up better.
Ice Dyed Pillowcase

I still need to get a picture of the Brilliant Blue and Avacado pillowcase that we made for my husband.  I think I might embroider something sweet and sappy on his.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

What? Another Post....

When it rains it pours.  I finally have some finished projects to share.

This is a quilt that I started a good 6 years ago.  We moved into a new house and the munchkin was 4.  Her favorite color was purple.  I thought the material would make such an awesome quilt for her new big girl room.

Well, as intentions go with me, I didn't even come close to getting it done.  She is now 10 and moved to blue as her favorite color.  Everything must related to horses and if it doesn't, she really isn't interested.  Someone will get a nice purple quilt someday that has matching pillowcases and a wall hanging to go with it.  Oh well.

Jungle Quilt



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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Soccer Quilt

This quilt is definitely a utility quilt.  I made it to take to soccer games to keep warm.  The wind just whips across the fields and it can be pretty miserable sitting outside watching and cheering.  Last year we had an freak April snowstorm that the kids played through.  Now that was miserable.

The one funny story to tell is that the munchkin knew I made a quilt to take with me to soccer.  It has been continually referred to as the soccer quilt.  When I was walking back to the car with her she finally asked why there wasn't anything soccer on the quilt when I keep referring to it as the soccer quilt.  No soccer balls, no team name, no green, no Shamrocks.  She was definitely confused.

The front is made out of bandannas that I picked up at Walmart.  I loved the colors and was trying to figure out something fun to use them for.
Bandanna Quilt

The back is more bandannas and denim.  The batting is wool, which is amazingly warm.
Bandanna Back

I managed to spill coffee on this beauty the first time I used it.  It will have to wait until the end of the season to be washed.  Maybe that's the good luck the team needs.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I mentioned previously that I got sucked into the economy block along.  I call it square in a square.  Well, I finally got it all finished up and quilted.  I believe I will be keeping this one for myself.  I might even have to make another once I got some other projects finished.

My munchkin went with me to the school to help with pictures.  It was windy and I didn't think I could do it all on my own.

Economy Block

I used the Baptist Fan design to quilt it.  I like how it turned out and it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

Economy Block

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Auction Quilt

Picture of the winner of the auction quilt.  It's my best friend's husband.  I think he's pretty excited.  The quilt is being gifted to his sister.  Couldn't have worked out better.  He got a deal at $135.

Yeah Randy won my auction quilt. Good to know it's staying with a friend


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Email with Pictures

Yesterday I got an email with a picture attached.

The fun thing about the picture is that it's a t-shirt quilt I made for a active miltary service person.  His mom sent me a box of shirts and I put them all together and returned the finished product.

It's fun to see the quilt with it's recipient.

Military T-Shirt Quilt
Michael, David, Chris (father and son), Derrick and Stephen

David just returned from Afghanastan and Chris left for a tour in January.