Thursday, May 30, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

School is over for the year.  I officially have a 4th grader and that kind of freaks me out.  The teacher this year was AWESOME!!!  My little caterpillar showed her growing abilities this year with the help of her teacher.  It was so much fun to watch.

So we, yes we, made her a quilt to say thank you.

I pieced the top and put my little helper to work.  She used Modern Twist as the pattern.

Hard at work making her favorite teacher a quilt.  #teacherappreciation

Not to bad for the first time she used the laser light to follow a pattern.  I had to laugh while she was working because I could really hear the stitch regulator working when she would take off on a straight area.

9 year old following Modern Twist pantograph

I used a printed panel about teachers from Block Party Studios.  They work perfectly with charm squares.


Someone is pretty excited about her creation.  I'm glad she had fun making it with me.

Have a great day!!!