Friday, June 18, 2010


I shamelessly stole my friend's picture from Facebook. 
 This is my friend Bev and as I've said before, she has been diagnosed with cancer, specifically Metastatic Malignant Melanoma.  I'm still freaked out about the whole thing.  She isn't old enough to have cancer.  Not that there is a specific age you should be able to get cancer.  At the time she told us she hadn't retired yet.  Still actively working and doing all that crazy adult stuff you have to do.  It just keeps taking me back to you just never know.  You need to enjoy each and every moment.

 This is the quilt that I made and had everyone sign.  I was able to give it to her last week.  I don't know that I've ever gotten something quilted so quickly and binding on either.  Bev loves the quilt.  We love Bev and just wanted her to feel like all of her friends were there hugging her when she was going through treatments or a rough spell.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Design Wall and a Flimsy

This is what I have on the design wall right now.  After I snapped the shot, I worked on more apple cores and put an outside row of brown and white blocks on the other. The apple core blocks were cut using my Accuquilt GO.  I love that little machine. The fun part of the Valentine quilt is that it started out as a disappearing 9 patch.  That block never fails to intrigue me.

This is my crazy drunkards path.  I used my Accuquilt GO cutter to cut out the blocks.  I LOVE that crazy little machine. OOPS, I think I might have said that once before.  It makes cutting so much easier for blocks with curves.  I LOVE that I get notches to make matching a breeze.  I cut the aqua border strip using the 2 1/2" die.  It's so much fun to run a yard of fabric through the machine and get strips that are straight and fast. Last night I cut another drunkard's path out.  It's from a magazine, so my blocks will be larger than the pattern.  A few adjustments with the borders and setting strips will be needed. 

I have to share the quilt ladder I got.  When I went to the Olathe Quilt Show, the Lil' Red Hen Quilt Shop had a booth set up.  I couldn't resist because the prices were so good.  The ladder is custom made.  I think there is about a 3 week turn around.  Mine is 7 feet tall.  Isn't it the coolest thing? 

Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wayside Waifs Fun

My photographer friend, Brandi, held a pet portrait session on Sunday in order to raise money / items for Wayside Waifs.  I volunteered to make dog bandanas for all of the pooches being photographed.  Here are a few pictures that Brandi shared with me.

I took Buddy and our 2 cats down for pictures.  Buddy was great.  He actually had the nerve to yawn at Brandi while she was trying to take pictures.  The cats were NOT thrilled at their opportunity to shine in the limelight.  Shiner, the dosile easy going cat, became PSYCHO kitty with hissing and growling.  Not too many pictures were taken of him.  Sissy did a bit better, but not much.  Brandi always manages to get good shots, so I'm not too concerned.

Have a great day.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Made Me Laugh

Really bad picture (I know), but it's my husband mowing the yard.  Do you see any light?  He mounted a bicycle light on the lawnmower so he can mow in the dark.  The neighbors had company during this mowing session.  There wasn't any lack of conversation.  Bicycle riding comes first, so if that means mowing the lawn in the dark, he's all about it.

I will post pictures of quilting related items later - I promise.  :-)  Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Is What Happens...

When I retreat to the basement to sew. I could hear thunder, but had no idea of the storm that was going on.  I snapped the picture after the car that was stuck was removed.  Crazy.  The entrance to our subdivision is closed due to 3 feet of standing water.  Oh well, I'm off to the basement again. 

Happy sewing.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck, oh and I really didn't enjoy it.  So what's been going on?

1.  Quick trip to Ohio for a funeral.  1600 miles on a rental car.  How insane is that?  I don't think my butt ever really got out of the driver's seat.
2.  A dad with Parkinson's who didn't take his medication and then thought eating soup would be a good idea.  Needless to say the 6 year old heard a lot of cussing.  There is a suit, tie and shirt that now need to go to the cleaners. 
3.  Work - YUCK, YUCK and more YUCK.  It pays the bills.  I keep trying to remind myself of that.
4.  A friend with cancer that goes in and out of the hospital.  Breaks my heart.  She was told to figure out her bucket list and get busy.  I'm trying to quickly finish a prayer quilt for her.  It's on the frame and 1/2 quilted.
5.  A bike accident tonight and I had to rush out to pick up bikes for those riding to the hospital in an ambulance.  What a way to get the blood racing and heart pumping.  Thankfully my husband knows NOW to tell me first thing that it wasn't him and he's fine.  His friend, 60+ year old gentleman, not so much.  Got turned away from the first emergency room due to his age and injuries.  YIKES!  Second hospital has a first level trauma ER so they took him. 
6.  Thankfully the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild meeting is on Thursday so I really have something to look forward to this week. 

Calgon take me away.  I'm going to try and get some sleep.