Friday, December 21, 2007

Productive Evening

2 posts in one day. I can guarantee this won't happen all the time.

I'm going to blame my productivity this evening on the contents of the cotton candy bag that I consumed. It was sitting on the table and I just couldn't help myself. If I didn't eat it, it would go bad. OK, OK way to rationalize the fact that I shouldn't have eaten it. Oh well.

Tonight I put a quilt on the frame for a friend. I will post pictures of it tomorrow. I'm having some camera issues and I need someone to look at the settings with me. So, back to the quilt, it's got butterflies on one side and soccer balls on the other. Basically it's two tops. I've never done anything like that so trying to line everything up without the extra fabric was definitely a challenge. Since I'm somewhat of a newbie at the machine quilting, I have learned all the tricks yet. I'm not 100% pleased with the way it came out, but I'm going to have my friend be the judge. Here's at least a look to tease...

I did have a supervisor the whole time I was stitching. After climbing on everything possible, Shiner finally perched on top of the shelf holding some of my fabric and projects. Better for him to be up there supervising than trying to lay on top of the quilt top that's on the frame. That's the usual battle I have to get a quilt top done.

As I'm typing I'm being buzzed by a miniature helicopter. Boys and their toys. I'm so glad I didn't buy one as a Christmas present.

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