Friday, March 28, 2008

Creating a Monster and Guild Show

Dr., that's not me. I'm really not creating a monster. Just had to share a couple pictures of Grace. The first is a picture I found while looking for some old quilt pictures. I completely forgot that my husband took it. Hope it makes you smile like it did me! Grace was about 10 months old. I can't remember the reason for all the fabric being out. I think it was one of my missions to cut scraps into strips. Who knows.

The picture below was taken Wednesday night. Grace always wants to sew with me. In the beginning she was happy to sit on my lap and not reach or grab for anything. Eventually it moved to her putting her hand on top of mine and helping me feed the fabric. Lately, she doesn't even want me sitting near her. She just wants to SEW!!! I had to pick up my Singer from the shop the other day and saw the mini machine on the counter. I really hoped it would work, but as expected it's a POS (piece of crap). Grace loves it though. For the last 2 mornings, she has gotten up at 6:30 AM rambling about wanting to sew. Getting ready in the morning is always a battle. Not the last 2 days. She's happy to dress, comb hair and brush teeth - no arguing. Then get the heck out of her way as she RUNS to get to the fabric and HER machine.

After work / school today, we (Grace, Grandma and me) went to the Olathe Quilt Guild Show. There was fabric for sale, so the child was HAPPY!!! She found a gallon Ziploc bag stuffed for for $1 and just HAD to have it. Everyone near the checkout got the pleasure of hearing about the new machine and how she was going home to sew her new fabric. Below is a collage of some of the pictures that Grace took. Not too bad. I'm going to blame her dad for giving her the "picture" bug.

The show seemed smaller to me than usual. I expected to see quilts from some of the people that were there when I belonged, but there weren't any. Lots of pretty ones to look at though. I will apologize for not getting names or pattern names.

The one story I can share is of the Quilt Pink Quilt in the middle of the collage. The owner said they bought on eBay when the Quilt Pink auction was going on. I thought that was pretty cool.

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Laurie said...

that's too cute...thanks for sharing becky!