Friday, June 13, 2008

Deathbed Greeting

OK, so it's not quite that bad but bad enough for me. I feel horrible. Summer head cold or sinus infection, who knows. Every bone in my body hurts though. UGH. Enough whining.

So I've caught up on all "my shows." Criminal Minds - OMG what an ending. Who was in that vehicle???? CSI - But I like Warrick. He really can't be gone. CSI: Miami - Is Horatio really gone? The only thing I left to watch is Numbers.

Excitement here on Wednesday night - Grace managed to lock herself in our downstairs bathroom. Unfortunately I couldn't get her out, so I ran for the neighbor's Grandson who was out mowing the lawn. He came over and tried and tried with no luck. Thankfully (or not) he was able to get Grace out of the bathroom by popping the door and the door frame. After he looked at the broken lock, he could tell that the spring had sprung, so it wasn't really Grace locking the door.

Guess we will be calling a trim carpenter to help us out (we aren't so building/fixing inclined).

Well I'm off to bed. See you later.

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Jacquie said...

So sorry you're feeling bad. Oh Grace...what an experience for her! Thanks so much for the newsletter? Are you going to the June meeting? I hope I'll see you there.