Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Fun

I can safely say I was no where near the sewing machine this weekend. Instead time was spent at the pool enjoying the water and friends.

Today Grace and I went to Lawrence with my friend Christine. Christine was on a mission to find some fabric for a quilt back. Instead of buying fabric today, I purchased the COOLEST pair of shoes. I told Grace that Daddy would call me a Dork. First thing in the door - Daddy do you think Mommy is a dork in her new shoes? His take- Nice gardening shoes. So...I punched him in the arm. :-) Don't worry he's tough and can take it.

While in Lawrence I got a call from my brother who is driving through town on his way back to Texas. He and his wife will be stopping by for dinner.
I can't believe the weekend is hours away from being over. I so wish tomorrow was Friday.

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Laurie said...

those ARE quite the shoes! LOL...looks like a fun time!