Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Sunday

Good Morning,

Grace has been up since well before 6 A.M. I'm not sure what that's about. She even beat her dad up this morning.

Yesterday we took Grace out to Brandi's studio for her late 4 year pictures. I can hardly wait for the viewing session. We got kicked out of the room so we didn't get to see the picture taking session. I could hear the conversation going on, so my guess is we will have a lot of "hammy" pictures.

After pictures we decided to go to Korma Sutra for dinner. YUM!!! DH had lamb vindaloo and Grace and I shared butter chicken. I love Indian food. Grace was very impressed with the na'an (flat bread) and ate it like it was going out of style.

DH was off early for a bike ride. He was going to try to ride 50 miles today. The man has lost 35 pounds since he started his biking quest back in the early spring. Amazing.

Since summer has finally arrived, I think we are going to head off to the swimming pool for a bit this morning. Maybe by the time we get back someone will be ready for a nap. (Could be me or or Grace, who knows).

As for sewing, I'm hoping to get another quilt on the frame and started. Don't know that I will finish it today. I'm also striving to finish "un-sewing" the stitching I did and didn't like on a quilt so that I can get it back on the frame later in the week.

Have a great day!!!

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