Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last night was guild night and I turned in my challenge table topper. As I suspected would be the case, no ribbons for me. I would have liked a ribbon, but right now it's just good for me to participate and step out of my box and try some new things. The quilts that won were wonderful.

Jan Patek was the guest speaker last night. I have no pictures to share because the camera battery was DEAD. Not even enough juice to turn the camera on. I ate when I do stuff like that and don't check things before leaving the house.
Jan's quilts were beautiful. Lots and lots of applique and "primitive" in looks. Can't stand that word primitive, so I'm going to use whimsical. All of her quilts told a story of some sort, which was great. I commented to my friend that whenever I see quilts like Jan's I want to learn applique. Probably won't happen in this lifetime though. I've taken 4 classes and haven't mastered the concept yet.

Show and tell was great and very motivating. A group of ladies from the guild went to a retreat over the weekend and made over 100 Project Linus quilt tops. That is AMAZING!!! Makes me think that I really need to get busy. Since those quilts are meant to be small, it would be such a great way to use up some of the accumulated scraps.

I had to chuckle this morning while reading Judy L's take on Rules & Customs. I came from the house of rules, some of them crazy. My sister and I laugh whenever we put swimsuits on because we still hear Mom in our heads yelling about cover-ups and how they are an absolute must. Even in college, when the body would accommodate a bikini, I could hardly walk around the pool without being covered up. That cover up didn't attract a lot of guys.
I don't really remember the rule of calling before showing up. That one didn't really surface for me until college. A guy I dated had that rule. Kind of irritated me since that was before the days of cell phones. Later found out he was dating someone else on the side, so I'm guessing that rule was more for his safety.
One custom that has lasted and will continue on in our house is the making phone calls after 9 PM. It's got to be an emergency to call someone after 9 and if it's not, then you apologize and apologize for calling so late and disturbing everyone.

This weeks project will be bags for Brandi. the photographer.

Have a great day!


Jacquie said...

sounds like a missed a good show!

Suzanne Earley said...

we have that phone call rule, too.

if the phone rings late, i'm just sure something really horrible has happened.

KCQuilter said...

Ooooh, how fun to hear Jan Patek! I love her quilt designs. And my dad was a stickler for some of the "rules of the household" LOL. His main thing was that you were never to be late. He thought it was a sign of disrespect to the person who had to wait on you!

amandajean said...

over 100 quilt tops?!?! that is impressive and motivating.