Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Rant

I'm about to rant, you can either read on or run now. I'll understand.

I work for an unnamed Telecommunication company. How is it that the managers that work there are the worst at communicating??????????

Today we had a water leak in front of the building. Gallons and gallons of water bubbling up from the parking lot and running down the parking aisles to the sewer. Everyone was walking around most of the morning asking if it's OK to drink the water, will there be water to flush the stools in the bathroom - typical crazy office conversation. The big manager finally walks around at about 11 and tells us all that they "might" be sending us home to work the rest of the day. Several of us asked what "might" meant and we got the typical parental response of we'll just have to see how things play out and then play it by ear. OH BROTHER. At that point I decided that I needed to use the bathroom, which unknown to any of us had been closed. Not just our floor, but all 10 floors. That was the decision maker for me - I'm going home. No bathroom - that just makes me need it that much more.

I understand lost productivity and the cost related to it. I also understand making a decision to shut down an office with at least 1000 workers. Give me a break though - bathrooms are important. When the building maintenance people explained it was bathrooms or fire sprinklers and they picked sprinklers, well it's time to head out.

Maintenance had closed the building much earlier, but our managers chose not to tell anyone that.

So, I'm done ranting. I'm an adult and I'm working from home where my bathroom is working.


Jacquie said...

no bathroom...i'm outta there too. hope your weekend runs smoother than your work day today!

Zegi said...

When that happened at my job they rolled in a couple of portapotties on the dock...for an office of 1000people. It's good to hear that managers at other places need more communication (and thinking) skills.