Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stinkin' Needle

It was the needle on the quilting machine causing me all my issues with skipped stitches. I decided to take a few minutes last night and go down to "the cave" to see if I could figure out what was going on. I rethreaded the machine again and switched to a different bobbin first. Stitches were still skipping. I leaned down and watched the hook and it appeared to be grabbing the thread the way it was supposed to so I decided to rule out hook issues. I figured what the heck, take the new needle out AGAIN and put it back in making sure the needle was in correctly. Turned the machine back on and TA-DA, no skipped stitches.

I really wish that the machines could talk. Mine would probably call me names to make up for all the name call I do in fits of frustration. If mine would talk, maybe it would have been so kind as too tell me the needle just didn't feel right. WAAAYYY too many things to check on those crazy machines.

Tonight I will be using my newly found MOJO and working on my quilt top. That is after I go to guild and turn in a couple quilts for the quilt show in October.

Have a great sewing day!!!


Mary said...

How frustrating! Usually by the time I've corrected something I've tried so many things to fix it, I'm not sure what the problem was to begin with.

Glad it's back to working for you!

Laurie said...

if our machines could talk it would save us a TON of time! sometimes we have to walk away and then go back later...all machines are FEMALE! lol