Friday, November 14, 2008

I've Lost A Week

I haven't fallen off the planet. Somehow I seem to have lost a week. I've managed to get a few things done, although not much is quilt related.

I have some pictures to share.

The first is a picture of the gas station and the price of gas. I'm starting to think that we truly were GOUGED around the 4th of July when the price was over $4. I'm not an economist and would never in a million years claim to be. Hedging on oil though - hmmmm. Yes that picture shows $1.84. Tonight on the way home I saw $1.79.

After work I was able to take in the Blue Valley Quilt guild show. Lots of lovely quilts. I'm going to share 3 of my favorites.

I love the circles. Since I've been working on my inset circle top forever, this one really caught my eye. I like the squares too. Seems like it would great with charm squares.
Last Tango in Kansas. I love Dancing with the Stars so this one really made me smile. The maker did a beautiful job.
I think the name of this was Key Lime and Oreos. I don't know if the picture does justice for how GREEN that quilt really is. This too made me smile. I LOVE the bright colors.
The next pictures is from last Saturday. Grace had her very first sleep over. I joked with the ladies at work on Monday that I'm probably that mom... I let the girls sleep in the tent in Grace's room. We had to shut the door because our crazy cats though it was fun to run and jump at the sides of the tent. The girls would SCREAM and that started to get a little old. I'm sure you can imagine how loud and shrill the scream of two 4 year olds is. I put the girls to be at 9:15, knowing they wouldn't go right to bed right away. 11:00 PM I finally had to go in and holler at them. Grace found a flashlight and was holding it. Her friend was holding the books and "reading" the stories. For breakfast, I got them all hopped up sugar - donuts and french toast sticks. I know my kid took a 2 1/2 hour nap on Sunday. I'm not sure about Grace's friend. I haven't talked to her mom this week, so I hope that isn't a sign. :-)
This week I did manage to get some sewing in. I'm back into my machine embroidery kick again. Probably because I've been working on bags for Brandi, the photographer. I will have 20+ bags done for her by the end of the weekend.

So in between bags I decided to see what other items I could embroider. I think everyone will be getting Thanksgiving and Christmas towels.

I love the pumpkin set I got from Embroidery Library.
Since sunflowers are my all time favorite flower, I thought I would put a border on a hand towel that lives in our guest bathroom. Not to shabby.
I couldn't resist the hand Turkey (Grace term). It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I did some Christmas embroidery too, but I can't seem to find those towels. My guess is that they are in the washer or dryer. That would require me to honestly go look and I just don't want to go there tonight. It might mean I would have to fold clothes and that's NOT going to happen.

While working on bags, I did get binding on a quilt that I found in the cabinet. Guess I should clean / organize a little more often. Oh brother.

I just realized that in my lost week, I missed the election. Try as I may, I couldn't stay awake. Fortunately I woke in time to catch Obama's speech. Gave me goose bumps. Yes we can is now yes we did. We are definitely heading into a time of change.

I even managed to finish a book that was pretty darn good. The Wednesday Letters. Quick read and a feel good book. I'm hoping to find some more time to fit book reading into my schedule. About the only time I have is at lunch and I never seem to make much headway.

Hopefully I will get a chance to post some more pictures over the weekend. If I don't, have a great weekend and I'll return next week.


Laurie said...

great quilt pics from the BVQG...there is such great talent in that guild! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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