Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthaversary

My honey sent me these beautiful flowers for my birthday and our anniversary. They are amazing. I wish I could capture the smell and share that with you too. I work in an office that has 2 big building. We have a security desk in one building and then just the various offices in the other building. The poor delivery guy just couldn't figure it out. He probably called me 5 times. The bad thing was I was on a conference call and couldn't get off the phone to see who kept calling. Long story short, he must have asked someone and they directed him to the security desk. The security guard that called me made a special trip over to my desk just to look and smell the bouquet.

One of the beautiful roses. I was having fun playing with Picasa using the effects. This is a soft focus.

Same rose with B&W around the edges and the main flower in color.

Soft focus I think. I tried a bunch of things and didn't like any, so I can't remember how I really saved the picture.

Our 18th anniversary is Sunday, so I think we are going out to dinner on Saturday night. Miss Grace is going to Papa and Grandma's house for the night.

Have a great weekend!

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jacquie said...

happy birthday, becky!!! and happy anniversary too. your hubby picks a good florist!! have fun this weekend.