Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring to Finish

Yesterday I said I would share pictures.

These are monsters that I'm doing as applique via the embroidery machine on the Monster Quilt.

Coin Quilt - I showed the top once before, but now it's quilted and bound.

Coin Quilt #2 - This came from Amanda Jean and her Moda Bake Shop Tutorial.

Farm Quilt - Quilted and bound.

The last 2 pictures are the quilt that's now on the frame. I hope to finish it up this week. The pattern is from Bonnie over at

My side story for today - the rat bastards got our credit card number again and had a hay day. I mentioned previously that some how someone accessed our PayPal account and bought a computer on us. That hit our normal checking account, which was really inconvenient, but taken care of. This time they got our credit card. For some reason the credit card company didn't call to say they were deactivating the card. My husband found out today when he tried to buy new wheels for his bike from eBay and was declined. All of the fraud paperwork is on it's way. My husband talked to the credit card rep and asked how they knew to close the account and flag it as fraud. She told him that they know what we buy and that the purchases weren't a "normal" purchase for us. While it's nice that the company monitors our account, it's also kind of creepy that they know our spending habits and can tell when it's not us spending. I can hear my dad telling me "Big Brother is really watching you."

It's spring here in Kansas. Rain, rain, rain. Seems like everything greened over night though. There are leaves on the trees that didn't have leaves yesterday. Grace is excited because they turned the fountain on in front of our house. She can go toad hunting now.

Have a great night.

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jacquie said...

that's so scary, becky. and what a hassle for you too!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the monsters. They are great because they don't seem like they would be scarey to a little one.