Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kitties & Coffee

Well the pictures aren't in the order I thought they would be. Oh well. This is a wall hanging that I got at the show on Friday. You can click to make it larger. Cracked me up. When I showed my husband the finished top today, he didn't think it was near as funny as I did. Oh well.

This is a picture of a quilt that I did for a lady at work. She pieced the top and I quilted it and put the binding on it. She said she is using it on top of a table for a bridal shower this upcoming weekend. I bought some thread at the show and really had problems with it breaking. I switched to something I picked up when in Iowa and it worked great. I have the same quilt kit and now I can't wait to busy and make it.

Last but not least, our kitties. They were trying to get up high enough that Buddy (the dog) couldn't get them. Buddy's bed is on the chair because he was tearing the stuffing out of it. His new favorite thing to do with everything. I keep telling myself he's still a puppy, be patient. AHHH. Shiner is in the bed and Sissy is at the bottom of the pile. Sissy is on the quilts that I've been sewing binding on. Pretty comfy.

Have a great week!

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