Monday, June 15, 2009

OH Crud!

Thankfully we made it through the wedding. The shoe only lasted 2 days. I love the dog, but I wanted to beat him over the head with the shoe. Then I thought, well maybe the child should be reminded of the fact that shoes really belong in the closet. The dog got a bad dog and the child got a life lesson...again.

My latest project. I'm making Christmas bags. 4 down, 41 to go.

Grace and I are leaving for Ohio on Thursday. We are off to see my dad, which should be fun. He lives at the Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield. Grace loves all the hallways in the basement (tunnels) to get from building to building. I'm hoping we can hit the NQA show in Columbus while we are there. After Ohio, we are heading to Illinois again for my 25 year high school reunion. Should be a fun 10 days.

Have a great week.

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Rachel said...

Uhoh, for several years I could not leave ANYTHING on the floor or I would find it shredded. I had to replace several library books and shoes because of those naughty dogs!