Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Wow, what happened to the decade? I can't believe I'm saying that because it makes me sound really old. I remember freaking out slightly at the thought of 2000 because I would be 34 and at that time I was convinced the world was going to end. Tomorrow at the stroke of midnight it will be 2010. That just seems strange. Good to know that the world didn't end and I've increased in age ever since (bodily, not mentally because I refuse to grow up).

I've decided, after surveying the Girl Cave, that I'm going to partake in a challenge being thrown out by Bari at My Crazy Quilting Life. Bari is proposing a Quilters Accountability (QA) Challenge. The idea is like some of the others, in that UFOs should be finished. The idea I like is that in a sense it will be like a Weight Watcher's Group. Everyone has a goal of what they want to finish or accomplish and the rest of the group will be the cheerleaders. I think I need more voices than the little one in my head, that I ignore quite often, to help me finish up some projects. Ok, so go check out Bari's post and see for your self.

So I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I have a huge confession. Umm, well .... I have a lot of unfinished projects. And not only do I have a lot of unfinished things, I have bought a LOT of fabric with the intentions of making something very special. Meaning I have the fabric and the pattern and now it's all sitting in a BIG Ziploc bag waiting for me to do something with it. That's what I want to get control of in 2010. I want to empty some of those Ziploc bags. But before empyting the bags, I need to / have to / must finish up some projects that are just sitting.

My first goal is going to be to take a minimum of 15 minutes each day to sit down and sew. If I get more than 15 great, but to take 15 no matter what. I'm going to count that as me time, recharging time, de-stressing from work time. I think this is realistic because it will not only be a good thing for me, but for the family because I will have a few minutes to myself instead of snapping the minute I walk in the door.

My second goal is the UFOs that are currently sitting in the girl cave.

1 HORSE QUILT - The majority of the blocks are done. It just needs some attention and I should be able to finish it up and be able to move onto the next thing. I'm scheduling this quilt top for a February finish.

2 STRIP (BOM) QUILT - This one I'm really wrestling with. This project started at the beginning of my quilting career. It's a scary site. Some of the blocks aren't even close to being the size the pattern said. Some of the strips are either wavy or too big, but I put them together. I think I might need to this to the bottom of my list, but get it off the list in 2010.

3 HAND DYED STARS - A block of the month that I spent far to much money on. I've started it, but as usual, gotten side tracked with the project of the moment. I really need to make an effort to get it done and then pay someone to quilt it.

4 BIG CIRCLES - This was my attempt at learning how to set circles into a block. Cool concept, not as easy I thought it would be. For this, I think I just need to regroup and make this top a wall hanging and move along. Again, not much needed to finish up this project, so it will be a February finish.

5 PINK RIC RACK - Why or why can't I finish this. It's all together, but is just too small. I only need one more row. This is going to be the first on my list. I will complete the top by January 9th, no ifs ands or butts (or is that but).

6 ALIEN APPLIQUE - This is my first attempt at using the embroidery machine to embellish a quilt. I don't applique by hand but thought that doing it on the embroidery machine would be simple. It is, but time consuming. I only have 3 or 4 aliens to finish and then the top will be done. I vow, this quilt top will be done by January 16th.

7 SHEEP - Oh brother. I have great ideas, they just don't work so well when I start cutting things up. I'm going to enlist the help of my new Go Fabric Cutter to help me with this project. I again vow to have this quilt top done by January 27th.

8 CRAYON QUILT - COLORING - thankfully this project isn't too far along. I have blocks that I started to color to make a wall hanging. I think I will continue to color, but put it on the calendar for a March finish.

9 STRIPPY PURSE - In order to finish this project, I'm going to have to sign up for some sewing time at the local quilt shop. I have a phobia (one of many) of zippers. The zipper is the hold up. I will check the shops class schedule to find out when I can sign up for sewing time.

10 JACKET - I got the coolest pattern for a quilted jacket / parka. I started the front of the jacket and then decided it looked horrible so I regrouped. This will be another shop event because there is a very large zipper on the front of the jacket. I vow to finish this jacket. It will not beat me.

11 THANKSGIVING TABLE RUNNERS - All are cut out, just need to finish sewing and quilting. This is going on the list for a February finish.

12 HALLOWEEN TABLE RUNNERS - Same as Thanksgiving runners, just need to finish sewing and quilt. Nothing extravagant, just fun. Get them done and MOVE ALONG. February finish.

13 PAPER PIECED NEW YORK BEAUTY - This is the coolest quilt top, but dang it takes a LONG time to get all the piece parts done. I'm going to keep working at it, but I think I'm going to push for a June finish.

14 SPICE JAR QUILT TOP - I can't think of a good name for this one. It's a strip of the month (SOM) that I started. It just didn't seem big enough. All of the pieces are in a bag somewhere in the girl cave. I need to find the bag and put this on the list for a late February early March finish.

I will share the list of purchased / not started projects later. The above list was just a bit too scary for me. Typing it out makes me want to run to the Girl Cave and get busy. The other list that I will share later is the list of tops that need to be quilted and finished. I think I can be more motivated on these 2 lists, if I finish up some of the UFOs so I don't feel like they are looming over my head.

As part of my own effort to help stay on track and focused, I'm going to make a big poster that I can hang up on the wall in the Girl Cave. I can cross things off when they are done and my list will always be handy. It will also help me to focus when I think that life might get in the way of my progress.

Thanks Bari for your challenge. I'm ready - GO TEAM!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Becky! Sounds wonderful! Isn't it amazing the things we start and then put aside for whatever reason?

I am like you and will make some of mine lap quilts or wall hangings instead of full size quilts just to get them DONE!

I can't wait to see some of your finished quilts - those NYB are GORGEOUS! Wow!

So, we are spurring you on for the pink ric rack quilt and the alien applique first. I think I have seen one of those alien quilts, and they are SO cute!

You go girl! I am with you!


Anonymous said...

Becky -- wow. It sounds like you'll be busy the first part of the year. Can't wait to see your finished projects.

Vesuviusmama said...

Hey, I'll cheer for you! Go get 'em, girl! I look forward to seeing all those finishes! I, too, need to get a handle on some of my UFOs. I challenged myself to finish 3 by New Year's Eve, and only got two done, but that is two better than I would have otherwise gotten done. Goals are good.

Li de Liége said...

Eu também fiz uma lista, mas só consegui listar 5 ,pois fiquei receosa de colocar mais e desistir, mas você não!!!
Parabéns!!! e boa sorte!!!