Friday, February 5, 2010


First off, sorry no pictures. I will save those for tomorrow.

Why am I so tired??? Well let me tell you. I went down to the girl cave at about 3 and just came up. OK, one slight break to feed a small child, but it wasn't anything spectacular - grilled cheese & soup. I don't cook, I quilt. A girls got her limitations.

Back to why I'm beat. Well I made 3 pillow cases, cut out at least 15 more. I lost count after 5. I made 2 strip quilt tops. And I worked on the blocks for the quilt I'm trying to finish as part of Accountability challenge. No idea what possessed me tonight. Maybe it was all the snow we had today, who knows.

The pillowcases will more than likely be donated to the 1,000,000 pillowcase campaign. I figure it's a great way to use fabric that I bought years ago and still haven't used. Get it out, that way there is room when I go on a shopping spree again. The quilt tops are going to be donated to Project Linus. I want to master the machine quilting which requires practice, practice, practice. I never want to practice on my cool quilt tops, so why not make some crazy tops for kids, again out of the scads of fabric I've purchased, then donate those too.

Well, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be used for picking up the house and sewing some more. Grace is having a friend spend the night, so I'm sure I will have to tame the giggling at some point.

Until tomorrow...

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